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Vents Magazine

“DeMille lead singer Rachel Altounian weaves her soulful, yet dreamy voice around a surprisingly eclectic collection of songs spun with effortless grace by her talented backing band…” “… these tracks glow with a vibrant and entrancing energy, radiating pure joy through lively, challenging arrangements while Rachel digs back into her past with shameless honesty. As a working unit, the band’s creativity extends to pillowy, multi-tracked vocal ambience on “First Love” and even candy-coated indie rock on early highlight “Trouble.””

Broadway World

“"Revelate", the second single from DeMille's debut record Go!, combines razor sharp funk riffs and dreamy lounge pop in a perfect encapsulation of what the band does best. Caught in a moment of ecstatic inspiration, vocalist Rachel Altounian's wide-eyed serenade melts into your ears right out of the gate as the band powers through the verse's formidable pocket before smashing into the chorus in a shower of stardust…”

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Adam’s World

“After one listen to DeMille’s latest single, “You’ve Been Found,” I describe her as the kind of singer who can set the mood for the night, play with your emotions, and leave you wanting more…”